Solid Carbide

MORSE offers high-performance twist drills with and without internal coolant. The solid carbide drills were designed and produced according to DIN 6537 standard. Specifications of SCD drills: m7 drill diameter tolerance. Range of 3-20 mm in length, diameter ratios of 3X, 5XD, 8XD and 20XD. Available are geometries for alloy and stainless steel, cast iron, hard steel and composite materials.

  • Range of 0.8-20 mm in length to diameter ratio of 3xD up to 20XD
  • Right-hand cut with and without internal coolant nozzles
  • 2 and 3 flute options
  • Submicron substrate
  • Most advanced TiAlN coating for best hole quality, high performance reliability and economic output
  • m7 drill diameter tolerance
  • Shanks according to DIN 6535 standard
User Guide
  • Use of internal and external coolant during drilling is recommended for achieving prolonged edge life.
    In case of non-coolant drill type, external cooling jets are necessary.
  • Semi-synthetic or emulsion lubricants are recommended in order to extend tool life. Minimal lubrication or an emulsion spray may be applied for ISO K materials.
  • Drilling stainless steel or high temperature alloys requires a high oil pressure of 7-15% with mineral or vegetable-based oil emulsion for prolonged edge life.
  • Dry machining will affect hole quality and drill tool life.
  • We recommend using our solid carbide drills in rotating or stationary applications with a maximum of 0.02 mm outer cutting points or chisel runout for optimal performance. Larger runout will influence drill performance and hole quality.
  • In case of stationary application we recommend clamping the drill in an orientation which directs both outer cutting points parallel to machine’s X-axis.
  • On stationary (lathe) applications, if there are misalignment problems it is recommended to use alignment devices. Misalignment will cause poor performance of the solid carbide drill or even tool breakage!
  • Difficult-to-machine materials may require pecking cycle for improved chip evacuation

  • The solid carbide drills can be clamped in tooling systems such as:
    • Collet chucks
    • Shrink system
    • Power chucks

  • We recommend:
    • Collet chucks for internal and external coolant jets.
    • Use of super precision collets for a high level of hole quality and prolonged drill life.
    • Drilling stacked plates with internal coolant drills only. Both options of stacked plate applications – with and without gap. (A minimum gap of 2 mm between plates is recommended)
    • Drilling sloped surfaces of a maximum 6°. Sloped surfaces of more than 6° require spot or pre-hole centering hole to avoid drill deviation or poor drill performance.
    • Interrupted cut has direct influence on hole accuracy, quality and drill tool life.

    • High quality TiAlN coating with a special edge preparation provides a smooth cut and prolonged edge life, compared to any high quality solid carbide drill available in the market.
    • Submicron substrate provides a high level of rigidity and accuracy.
    • Semi-standard/special drills can be supplied upon request.
    • The solid carbide drills can be re-sharpened and re-coated at least 10 times.