HSS End Mills

MORSE offers the best range of both conventional (M-TK) and powder (X-85 and X-105) high speed steels in order to guarantee customers the best solutions for their requirements.

The (X-85 and X-105) contains more evenly mixed carbides, in comparison to conventional HSS. This leads to improved wear resistance and the ability to be ground more easily.

The (X-85 and X-105) is a hard, wear resistant HSS with outstanding toughness, which makes it an ideal tool for interrupted cuts and high loads.

The HSS end mills should be used when machines or workpiece clamping configuration is not rigid, where cutting speed is low, or for very tough and interrupted cutting conditions.

Available are various endmill configurations including finishers, roughers, ball nose, dovetail, chamfering, T-slot, counterborers and corner rounding tools.