HSS Taps

MORSE offers an extensive line of high performance HSS taps for the production of ISO metric DIN13 threads on various material types, in through and blind holes.

The taps are available with various surface treatment and coating types, such as steam tempered nitride and TiN coated.

MORSE taps line with an optimized cutting geometry for universal use on a wide range of materials - high speed steels grant good wear resistance and toughness. The geometry was developed to the highest technological standard, providing the following advantages:
  • Reduced and well-distributed cutting load that prevents overfeed tapping process
  • High surface quality (up to the last part)
  • Increased tool life up to two times (depending on cutting conditions and workpiece material),
    compared with the currently available taps
Available are the two most common geometries:
  • Gun point taps – for through holes
  • Spiral flute taps – for blind holes
Gun Point Taps

Gun point taps push the chips forward. Used for through holes.
They feature the strongest tap design due to their shallow flutes.
Their straight flutes are used only for conducting the coolant fluid, not for chip evacuation.

  • Straight flutes used to conduct coolant fluid
  • Chamfer lead: Form B (4-5 threads chamfer)
  • Spiral point – pushes the chips forward
  • Pointed for up to 3xD thread depth
  • Efficient for use on a wide range of materials (multi-purpose)