About Us

MORSE Cutting Tools is a cutting tools engineering and production company. MORSE offers a high level of expertise in manufacturing and regrinding special and standard cutting tools, and the manufacture of superior end mills and drills. MORSE provides you with the right cutter for your specific application, assuring that you, our client, will save time and money.

MORSE Cutting Tools manufactures top quality cutting tools for all milling metal working industries such as aerospace, die and mold, automotive, medical, general engineering, etc.

MORSE Cutting Tools is ISO 9001:2008 certified, as well as a certified supplier of aerospace milling cutter products for key players.

Our tools

MORSE Cutting Tools superior products contribute to their clients’ success over their competitors. MORSE’s cutters are made of submicron grain size cobalt and are coated with modern high abrasive and temperature resistance finishes.
MORSE provides regrinding for all types of tools with in-house high quality PVD coating.

MORSE Cutting Tools offers a wide range of milling products.
Manufactured in its new facilities, equipment and technologies allow customers to benefit at an even higher level.

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e-mail: info@morsect.com