Research & Development

Research & development is an integral part of MORSE Cutting Tools. Its team of engineers work together to examine and select the best solution for the customer’s requirements.
Many resources are dedicated to employee training and participation in international professional exhibitions, making certain that the engineering staff stays at the forefront of world technology.

MORSE Cutting Tools R&D department is constantly exploring new, more efficient and costeffective manufacturing procedures and processes.
Improvements in computerization, data flow and quality assurance are constantly being implemented.

Specials Tools

MORSE Cutting Tools also designs special tools, step drills, tapered tools, reamers. Designing all solid carbide profile types up to 5 micron accuracy with optic protocol measurement according to the customer’s specifications. With this information, MORSE Cutting Tools engineers can design and produce a product that conforms exactly to the customer’s specifications, to give the best solution for his application requirement.
MORSE Cutting Tools manufactures and regrinds top quality cutting tools for all milling metal working industries such as Aerospace, Die and Mold, Automotive, Medical, general engineering, etc.