Thread Milling

MORSE offers high-performance Thread Mill with and without internal coolant. The Thread Mill were designed and produced according to ISO,UN,UNJ,MJ,W,BSPT,NPT,NPTF profiles.
Diameter range 0.72-25 mm. Grades MC98, MC93 for materials as alloy and stainless steel, cast iron, hard steel and composite materials.

  • More flutes in relation to cutting diameter, spiral flutes reduce cutting forces
  • Sharp ground helical cutting edges
  • Low cutting forces
  • Short machining time
  • Thread diameter accuracy adjustment
  • Thread milling next to bottom of blind hole
  • Bottom thread relief not required
  • Excellent and controlled thread surface finish
  • No problem with broken taps
  • One tool is suitable for various thread milling profile
  • Easy and efficient machining for thread milling on CNC milling centers
  • Threading of asymmetric parts
  • Large variety of tool diameters